ZODIAC Continuing Healthcare

Your guiding star to
Free Care

Your guiding star to Free Care

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One-To-One Expert Support at Any Stage of the Continuing Healthcare Process

What you get for FREE

  • Thorough and accessible explanation of the process of starting or challenging a Continuing Healthcare assessment, tailored to your case
  • Unbiased analysis of the strength of your relative’s claim case based on the same criteria that NHS Continuing Healthcare assessors should use
  • Expert knowledge of the practices of NHS Continuing Healthcare assessors
  • Clear pointers for your next steps, that you can then take independently if you so wish.

If you decide you need further support

You can get any combination of:

  • Ad-hoc occasional support
  • Support in fighting your corner at an assessment or appeal meeting
  • Fully managing your case

How it works

  • You decide the level of control you want on the whole process
  • You will always be free from a contract
  • After the initial FREE support contacts, affordable prices apply.

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