First of all remember that ZODIAC provides you with lots of useful free support at the initial contacts. The aim is to give you enough direction to allow you to pursue things yourself if you so desire and feel able to.

You might then decide you need more one-to-one support. Whether you want only occasional ad-hoc advice, or full case management, you can get a flexible and affordable service through a Pay-As-You-Go structure with caps. All prices below are inclusive of VAT.

  • Case work, drafting letters and written advice is £70/hour
  • Advice via telephone or Skype/WhatsApp is £50/hour.

Prices are CAPPED, meaning that prices will not inflate as the case moves forward. These are as follows (excluding travel costs, and excluding costs to gather clinical documents if you are not able to source them yourself):

  • Full comprehensive case notes analysis and recommendation: capped at £690
  • Preparation for and attendance as advocate at a meeting (for example, at Local Resolution meeting with the Clinical Commissioning Group, or at NHS England Independent Review meeting): capped at £690
  • Full appeal management up to and including NHS England Independent Review Panel meeting: capped at £3,200 (includes two meetings as above)

Regularly at every stage there will be advance agreement on what work will be done for you and for what price.

If you decide for professional help, please feel free to compare the above prices with the fees imposed by law firms and paralegal firms offering Continuing Healthcare  advice, such as, for example, Hugh James (legal firm), Compass Continuing Healthcare (paralegal service), Beacon CHC (a paralegal trading branch of the national charity Age UK). First, please remember that the process of dealing with Continuing Healthcare assessments or appeals IS NOT a judicial review, and therefore not strictly a legal matter, but exclusively a health/clinical one, with a specific set of guidelines. Second, you should be cautious with no-win-no-fee schemes or high fixed fees: you could end up being charged by firms 20 to 40 per cent of annual care home fees for the drafting of a few letters and attendance at one meeting. You should also read ZODIAC pricing philosophy.

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