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Your guiding star to
Free Care

Your guiding star to Free Care

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When you decide to seek professional help in your Continuing Healthcare battle, you will find that ZODIAC prices are positioned well apart from all other firms.

ZODIAC pricing was designed to maximise value for your money. The level of service is tailored to your case and to your support needs and wants.

Whether you have become a semi-expert in Continuing Healthcare and want only drafts of letters checked occasionally, or you require full case management and representation, ZODIAC has it all for you.

What you DO get:

  • Any combination of guidance, advice, support and representation from one expert registered nurse who listens to your needs and preferences
  • Freedom of choosing how directly you want to be involved in handling your case, thus reducing your costs
  • Regular advance agreement on amount of casework needed
  • Payment after casework is completed
  • Prices that are a fraction of the fees charged by firms out there
  • A cap to all prices for each service package

What you DO NOT get:

  • Exploitative ‘No Win No Fee’ schemes
  • Extortionate hourly fees
  • Inflated fixed fees
  • Unexpected high bills
  • Upfront fees
  • Contractual ties

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